Annamari Kenk

UX/UI designer at Single.Earth

Hi! I'm Annamari, UX/UI Designer at Single.Earth.
Pursuing my dream of working remotely wherever I want with the dream team.

Tartu, Estonia 🇪🇪

Why did you decide to take part in our UX/UI Bootcamp?

Decided to take part of UX/UI Bootcamp because I felt I needed to take a step further in my professional career. I was too comfortable at my marketing designer position at that time. I was already done some minor UX/UI projects, but needed a systematical and analytical learning process to push myself. I hesitated a lot whether I have time and knowledge to join the Bootcamp. After contacting Ideapartners I got a very warm welcome from the teachers and decided to join.

What are some highlights and takeaways from the bootcamp?

1. UX is a process, you can’t know the answer to the problem right away.
2. Ask a lot of questions: what? how? why?
3. Everyone can become a UXUI designer if he/she really wants to and works hard. Starting the course I was sure that I’m better at UI, considering the design background, but after the course realised I enjoy UX even more.

How has the UI/UX Bootcamp helped you move towards your goals?

Seeing fellow students with no design experience learn UIUX in 12 weeks has been very motivational to watch. The process has helped me to set new goals for myself. Right after graduation I landed a new job as an UX Designer in tech company.

I’m determined to become a great designer to follow my dream -  live abroad with my family wherever I want while working remotely on the projects I love, with the dream team. :)

Suggestions to people who want to start UX career?

If you are wondering whether to learn new skills and change your career or not, then I suggest to do it. But I also suggest to remember that the people you are working with make a big difference. There are loads of work opportunities out there at the moment, don’t rush into the first opportunity, but choose wisely. Think about the product/service you are about to work with, do you like it, do you believe in it? Will it make you happy? After you have chosen the new career path and got your new job - go ahead and enjoy it! Be proud of what you have achieved and be confident in what you do!

What was your favorite design work from the Bootcamp?

“Slava’s big task”, they way I call it. It was a research task that started off from a very broad question - “What can we do to make people’s life easier during COVID-19?” Slava gave us numerous topics to choose from and I chose education. I conducted a research looking for pain points in homeschooling system at that time in Estonia.

After user interviews and analysis I knew what were the issues, but didn’t know how to solve it. Slava teached me how to generate solutions and think outside of the box. Most importantly, I learned that you simply can’t know the answer to the question before the reseach.

Did you have previous design skills?

Yes, been working in the design industry more than 10 years. I had been doing different things: print design, marketing design and web. After the bootcamp I decided to focus on one field - UX/UI.