Krista Krievina

UX designer at Accenture

Hi! I’m Krista, UX/UI Designer at Accenture Baltics. I absolutely love creating meaningful experiences and going for long nature walks with my Bernese mountain dog.

Latvia, Riga 🇱🇻

Why did you decide to take part in our UX/UI Bootcamp?

While I was working on building a website for a project of my own, I noticed that I really enjoy doing it and coincidently came across the UX/UI Bootcamp by Idea Partners on Linkedin. I started reading more about it and decided to take a chance.

What are some highlights and takeaways from the bootcamp?

I really enjoyed the fun and friendly atmosphere during the course and felt that I could always ask silly questions as I barely had any experience in the field. I also enjoyed going through the whole design process and learning about different stages from different teachers as they are all experts in their own field. As the course progressed, I could already notice that I’ve learned so much and started to look at other designs more critically being able to analyze and see the flaws and strengths.

How has the UI/UX Bootcamp helped you move towards your goals?

The UI/UX Bootcamp changed my career path. After graduating, I started working with smaller clients for about 6 months, and then I joined a global management consulting and professional services company as a UX/UI Designer. I could not be more satisfied with the path I took and excited about what’s still ahead of me.

Suggestions to people who want to start UX career?

If you think you might like it, go for it. It is a vibrant and fast-growing industry that gives a chance to combine creativity with psychology.

What was your favorite design work from the Bootcamp?

I think my favorite was creating my first design that was a redesign for a National Park website and realizing that I actually made it myself (with some guidance from Edijs, of course).

Did you have previous design skills?

I would say I did not have any design skills before starting the course, however, there has always been a strong interest in design. I always thought it would be cool to be a designer, but somehow, always took a different path until I joined this Bootcamp.