Meeri Kabur

UI/UX Designer at Fudy

Hi! I'm Meeri, UI/UX Designer with a Graphic Design background. I enjoy canicross, sketching and designing apps that won't make your eyes water and head hurt.

Estonia, Tallinn 🇪🇪

Why did you decide to take part in UX/UI Bootcamp?

I decided to take part because I wanted to learn more about UX/UI design, (although I worked as a graphic designer and have studied it, there were still many questions and open ends). I was searching for similar programs and although Ideapartners description convinced me, I decided to enter their Bootcamp because my good friend had just finished it and had only good words to say.

What are some highlights and takeaways from the bootcamp?

For me it was an opportunity to access information that I needed easily, there's still a lot to learn, but all the basics were covered from where I know how to proceed my learning process. I hadn't really thought about UX Writing much before, especially of taking a course, but it turned out to be one of the most interesting parts that I'm still benefiting from. I think it evolves a lot of deep analyse and thinking that helps with the overall design process.

How has the Bootcamp helped you move towards your goals?

I have to say that Bootcamp has much more to do with accomplishing my goals than I first thought. I got the skills and confidence and landed the UX/UI Designer job that I dreamed of. Also, they have amazing community that inspires to keep learning even after finishing the Bootcamp.

Did you had previous design skills?

I have Graphic Design BA from Estonian Academy of Arts and I've done design related jobs for almost 10 years now (5 years as full time Graphic Designer).

What was your favorite design work from the Bootcamp?

My favourite work was the exam. I enjoyed completing the analyse and research part of redesigning a mobile app.

Suggestions to people who want to start UX career?

I would suggest to take a moment to analyse yourself and see what you're actually interested in, since there are many ways to choose between when it comes to starting an UX career. I think the product or service you're going to work with should be close to your heart. Also at the beginning it's always easier to enter a team with a Lead Designer or someone with a lot of experience, because there's a lot to learn from them and they are the much needed support when starting something new.