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Learn the skills of a UX/UI Designer in a small class from around the world
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UX/UI Bootcamp

Krista Krievina 🇱🇻

Read Krista's story about how she landed a UX job without previous skills.

Learn UX/UI From Scratch to Become a Certified Designer

Our part-time, live Beginner’s Bootcamp for UX/UI Design is an immersive 10-week learning experience. You will be taking a learn-by-doing approach during live sessions done by a UX/UI expert with 10 other students from around the world.
Read Kristas story
UX/UI Bootcamp

Master UI/UX Design Tools Step-by-Step

Practice the workflow and tools used by professional UI/UX designers. You will learn all the best practices and strategies from scratch from a highly experienced expert in the field.
We will learn Figma
Figma for designing UI
We will learn Miro app
Miro for collaboration
We will learn Maze.co
Maze for usability testing
UX/UI Bootcam portfolio

Create a Job-Ready Portfolio

By the time you complete Beginner’s Bootcamp for UX/UI Design, you will have a competent portfolio of design work to show for it. Your portfolio will showcase your new skills such as problem-solving, storytelling, and visual design that will help you land a UX/UI job.
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Your All-Inclusive UX/UI Design Learning Programme

Design a website
weeks 1 - 2

Start designing your own website from day one. Learn Figma basics and practice the principles of design with hands-on assignments. Ongoing constructive feedback from an expert. Master the elements of UX/UI design and finish designing your website by the end of the first week.

During weeks 1 and 2 you will:

  • Master Figma
  • Understand the principles of design and how to apply them
  • Learn to increase product effectiveness with the right visual design
  • Evaluate User Interface
  • Learn and understand the anatomy of a website
  • Successfully design a visually appealing, responsive, and fully functional website
Design a mobile app
weeks 3 - 4

In weeks 3 and 4, we will focus on the foundations of User Experience. The students will then apply this knowledge into creating their own mobile app design.

During the mobile app design process, you will:

  • Understand the relationship between various UX terms
  • Learn about the human mind and how it can be leveraged into a good user experience
  • Learn how to design mobile apps from scratch
  • Apply the right mindset to start designs off right and maintain it until completion
  • Design a functional mobile app
UX Copywriting
week 5

This week is all about mastering a major aspect of good user experience—UX copywriting. You will write perfectly UX optimized copy for your website and a short report about a UI/UX topic you are personally passionate about to practice the application of the techniques you learned. Our in-house expert UX copywriter Maija will guide you through both processes.

In week 5 you will:

  • Learn about the elements of good copy
  • Write copy for your website and app
  • Write a professional article to test audience engagement
  • Get copywriting feedback from an expert
week 6

You have reached the halfway point of the Beginner’s Bootcamp for UX/UI Design. Good job! It is time to take a break. Learning a creatively demanding subject like UX/UI can lead to burnout if we do not take strategic breaks. Week 6 is a well-deserved break to rest your mind and get ready for the next half of the program.

  • Recharge your batteries
  • Finish homework
  • Practice new skills
Design thinking part 1
week 7

“Design thinking is the magical balance between business and art; concept and execution; intuition and logic”—in the first phase of the Design Thinking lectures you will gain an overview of the design process and focus on problem framing and discovery. You will then jump right into working on a real design prompt and start practicing the critical thinking and synthesis skills expert UI/UX designers are known for.

  • Problem framing and analysis
  • Interviewing
  • Analysis and Synthesis
  • Persona creation
Design thinking part 2
week 8

In the second phase of the Design Thinking lectures, you will start prototyping actual solutions to the problems you recognized and defined during the first phase. You will learn how professional UI/UX designers use prototyping for aligning a team, for visualizing a future scenario, and for giving life to an idea.

  • Storyboarding
  • Paper Prototypes
  • High Fidelity prototyping
  • Testing
Communication skills
week 9

The last week of lectures is all about learning effective communication—which is an essential skill for all UI/UX designers. Here you will learn how to defend your design work to any client, even the clients from hell who can be extremely difficult to work with. Success is always in good communication. You will get the best practice tips from the seasoned presenter and public speaker Joe Howard. His tips and guidance will help you see right through even the toughest customer.

  • Practical presentation skills workshop
  • Best practices and tips
  • Client communication
  • Purposeful communication methods
Exam + Graduation
week 10

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Beginner’s Bootcamp for UX/UI Design that will kickstart your successful career as a certified UI/UX designer. The Bootcamp ends with a two-day exam and a final-boss assignment showcasing your UX skills and knowledge.

The exam consists of 3 parts:

  1. Research and finding an organization in Miro;
  2. Designing and copywriting in Figma;
  3. Presenting your work with Loom. 

All your work will be graded by expert UI/UX designers and you will receive constructive feedback on your design assignments. All who pass receive their UX/UI Design certificates. 

And then comes the best part—a graduation party!

What You Will Find Inside Our Beginner’s Bootcamp for UX/UI Design


16 live-classes

Our UX/UI Design Bootcamp is a 10-week hands-on learning experience. It has 16 live classes taught by four teachers who are expert UX/UI designers. You will join a group of 10 passionate students on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (from 6-9 PM, EST).

3 x teachers

We are the only UX/UI Design Bootcamp that is taught by 3 UX professionals - a UX/UI Designer, a UX Researcher, and an Information Architect.


UX Design Certificate

Successful graduates receive a signed and valid UI/UX Design Certificate—both print and digital (which you can share on Social Media such as LinkedIn. Every certificate comes with a personalized number to verify authenticity.


Personal approach

We like to keep things personal so each Bootcamp has only 10 open seats. This way, students easily connect with each other, our alumni network, and the teachers at any time via Slack or email.

A Professional UX/UI Design Portfolio

The primary goal of our UI/UX Design Bootcamp is to help you find work and kickstart your design career. Therefore, every student has to successfully create a professional-standard design portfolio demonstrating that they have learned the skills needed to start their careers in order to graduate.


UX/UI Design career support

Throughout the program you will learn the best UI/UX design practices, real-life examples, tips, and advice - all designed to help you combine your existing creative skills with new UX Design skills to choose the right career path for you.

Help with job assignments

When applying for a UX position, applicants often have to complete a practical assignment. That is when our students and alumni can count on our practical support.


1:1 Sessions

During the Bootcamp, our teachers are available for 1:1 sessions upon request. Feel free to talk to us about anything!

UX Tribe students come from all over the world! Here’s what they have to say:

Karina Kozinda 🇱🇻

UX Designer at Tet.lv

Edijs is a talented designer and a great lecturer. Learning web design under his guidance was easy, as he was always in the reach to give fair feedback and tips to improve work. He made us not only good designers, but also great mates. His communication and leading skills are truly amazing.

Arunava Banerjee 🇮🇳

Product designer at UX studio

Until now, this has been one of my favourite learning experiences!
Throughout the bootcamp I learned how to conduct user research, usability tests, wireframes, do competitive sets, and design high fidelity apps and website designs, each class was fun, yet full of valuable information, and the instructors were always waiting to help and guide you further if needed.

Annamari Kenk 🇪🇪

UI/UX Designer at Single.Earth

Edijs is a great teacher, designer, and mentor. As a self-learner like myself, he has inspired me to push hard, learn and make an effort to achieve bigger goals and become a better designer. Slava’s passion for UX and research opened my eyes to a new level of expertise.

Meeri Kabur 🇪🇪

UX Designer at Fudy

Idea Partners UX/UI Bootcamp gave me something priceless — The course awoke my interest in studying new things. It also helped me to form a habit of learning. I was inspired by teachers who love what they do and share their passion, excitement, and knowledge. The course balanced the practical and theoretical part, gave insights into the world of UX/UI, and introduced me to numerous new friends and colleagues who are always there for some discussion.

Shing Wong 🇭🇰


I would recommend this course to my friends because this course is really to prepare you to become a good UI/UX designer, not just teaching you how to use the tools and create pretty pictures. This course guided and prepared my mindset & taught me practical knowledge needed to become a UI/UX designer. The teachers has given me the helping hand when needed and guide me to prepare for my own portfolio, also shared with the class their own experiences in the industry.

Evelīna Ozoliņa 🇱🇻

UX Designer at Scandiweb

This course gave me a wide insight of UX/UI Design. It also helped me build skills like prototyping, wireframing - from scratch. After the course all students had their work portfolios. Mine helped me get a position in the UX/UI field. This course not only gave me knowledge but also a lot of wonderful friends who are great designers today!

Krista Krieviņa 🇱🇻

UX designer at Accenture

I started the course as a beginner, without any previous experience in the field, and it was an amazing hands-on learning experience! I learned about the complete design process going step by step from a problem statement till the final prototype. There was an open, informal and friendly atmosphere and it was easy to ask questions and receive feedback from teachers who are all experts in their own field of UX design.

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✅ 16 Live UX/UI classes
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✅ Master UX production flow
✅ Master the latest UX/UI tools
✅ Learn product thinking
✅ Create 3 UX/UI case studies
✅ Weekly 1:1 mentoring
✅ Complete weekly design tasks
✅ Receive UX/UI Design certificate
✅ Active online student community
✅ UX/UI career support
✅ Access to our employer network

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✅ 16 Live UX/UI classes
✅ Create & launch UX/UI portfolio
✅ Master UX production flow
✅ Master the latest UX/UI tools
✅ Learn product thinking
✅ Create 3 UX/UI case studies
✅ Weekly 1:1 mentoring
✅ Complete weekly design tasks
✅ Receive UX/UI Design certificate
✅ Active online student community
✅ UX/UI career support
✅ Access to our employer network

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UX/UI Bootcamp

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