Nikita Pogodin

UI/UX Designer at Kinesso

Hello everyone. I'm Nikita, UX/UI designer at Kinesso. I’m inspired by the idea of creating something that people will benefit from using, so I chose this specialty - to share my ideas with others through design.

Latvia, Riga 🇱🇻

Why did you decide to take part in UX/UI Bootcamp?

Apple is a company that inspires millions of people around the world because of its unconventional approach and philosophy in relation to design. That’s what influenced me, and since childhood I tried to delve into design to learn how to create my own content. As I wanted to excel and obtain necessary knowledge I was in a search of professionals with extensive experience in designing - thus I met great IdeaPartners team.

What are some highlights and takeaways from the bootcamp?

I would like to highlight that I gained a lot of useful information, starting from basic knowledge of tools for creating designs in Figma, ending with understanding of user psychology, and building a design architecture in such a way that your design is simple and convenient to use.

Inspiring Lecturers who shared a wide variety of experiences: from the moment they started, and went to the professional level in design, which somehow helps to understand how YOU can take steps towards success in this area.

How has the Bootcamp helped you move towards your goals?

I have deepen my knowledge in UX - User Experience, which in turn helped me to take a big step towards improving my existing designs. User psychology is a very subtle tool to create success in design. Colors, shapes that can convey the mood and lead to the right decision from user side.

After all, familiarity with many different tools that help to test in practice how your design functions, and whether it functions correctly. Design is a universal tool to communicate with people and Bootcamp provides awesome insights!

Did you had previous design skills?

Since childhood, I was inspired by the idea of creating my own content, in this regard, I learned how to work in graphic illustrators Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate, etc. That definitely helped me to be where I am now.

What was your favorite design work from the Bootcamp?

Each work was unique in its own way and it became a challenge to test your strengths and skills in the field of design. However, if we talk about a specific job, then this is definitely an exam: to redesign the landing page of an existing site. As all the knowledge was tested there.

Suggestions to people who want to start UX career?

The best way to learn something is to start reading and implement gained knowledge into practice. Always a great thing to find a professional mentor and ask a lot of questions. And dont forget to keep up with the latest developments and practices in design and technologies.